Sunshine Coast Underwater Footage

I’ve talked to a few people in recent days about Shaun’s underwater footage so here it is again. The Sunshine Reef one you can see the trout sitting up off the bottom. On the Barwon Banks one, you can see the squire and ajs up off the bottom. You can also see it only takes a single strand of wire weed to hold pearlies like on the bait fish grounds where we chase the billfish.

10/02/2013 – Afternoon Half Day With Smithys Fishing Charters

After the morning presentation breakfast for the tournament we choofed off for and arvo charter. The bait looked good where a couple of boats had done well but no bites for us. We anchored and the reefies were on straight away. A couple of bigger cod made it back to the bottom but Tom gotContinue Reading

9/02/2013 – Sunshine Coast Game Tournament

The first day we were in the area where most of the fish were caught but we couldn’t find them with only wahoo bite. The other boats hadn’t found them by that stage either so we went heavy tackle. In the first half hour we had a shot here as well but it proved toContinue Reading

2/02/2013 – Full Day

This was a full day with Rick. We started off getting wide of the dirty water left by Oswald. We trolled for wahoo then marlin but did no good so went for a reef fish. The first couple of drifts they were on but then we couldn’t find them. It was then a case ofContinue Reading

24/01/2013 – Half Day Morning With Smithys Fishing

The forecast was for it to close in on us but with the mahi mahi there in plague proportions it was worth the risk. We got a heap and then the rain set in and this was to hang in until the cyclone passed. I talked the boys into just making it a half dayContinue Reading

23/01/2013 – Social Day With Darren

With the bait looking so good and Darren keen to get his first marlin and see how it all works we set up a trip. Early on the wahoo were thick, getting a couple and chopping us off in double hookups and stuff. The bait was awesome but about four boats were working it early.Continue Reading

22/01/2013 – Half Day Morning With Smithys Fishing

Dean booked this one in. We started off on the FADs and got into the mahi mahi again. We kept about 14 then I finally talked the boys into having a quick troll as the bait had looked good the previous couple of days. About third lap over the mark I was working and theContinue Reading

21/01/2013 – Full Day With Smithys Fishing

Rohan booked this one in. We didn’t smash them on the bottom but got a few of the usual suspects like tusk fish, hussar, moses perch and reticulated emperors, had a troll and got the first spanish of the season and also picked up a few mahi mahi from the FADs that hadn’t been extracted.Continue Reading

20/01/2013 – Half Day Afternoon With Smithys Fishing

Nick booked this one in. The mahi mahi didn’t want to play the game after such a bit hit up from the morning. Luckily on of the gamefish boys found a few floats with a million mahi mahi underneath and called me in. Well we smashed them again. We filled up then had a trollContinue Reading

20/01/2013 – Half Day Morning With Smithys Fishing

Troy and crew were aboard for this trip. We got off to a good start in amongst the pack hooking a black within 5mins for Kane. We got it but in the process we ripped off one of my trim tabs. After a while there was no further joy so we went mahi mahi fishing.Continue Reading