Monthly Archives: August 2012

Mark was back again with regulars George and Garyth and new guy Joe. We started off heading straight to the snapper grounds. I had a look at a new ledge I had found but couldn’t find any show on it so kept going. We tried a new ledge that looked ok on the sounder butContinue Reading

With only one guy interested in a charter this day we decided to hitch up Fadil’s boat and head to Hervey Bay to chase mackerel instead. It took a while to get to the spot but it was well worth it filling the 200 litre ice box by lunch time with quality fish. We pulledContinue Reading

After numerous rebookings we finally jagged some good weather. Once again the livies co-operated and we had a tank full in no time. We headed off to the cobia spot where I had taken Kevin on his very first trip. We did two drifts but had no interest so kept moving. Once at the kingy/ajContinue Reading

We had to wait until my MSQ safety inspection was completed but once given the all clear and knowing my boat was 100% ship shape we set off. Livies came easily once again. Warren and Harpy trialled some new TT Lures prototypes while the rest of us filled the tank. We headed to a cobiaContinue Reading

Peter booked this in with his wife Sophie and Mark was back again. We got live bait real quick again and headed to the cobia spot. This time they were quiet. We headed off to the snapper grounds. It was looking like another bomb out in the strong current we were in then they cameContinue Reading

Grant had booked this one in ages ago but we had been on quite a few rebookings due to the weather. At least now I had a handle on the live bait. We loaded up real quick with two bait jigs on the go once I found them. We headed off to the cobia spot.Continue Reading

Paul was back again. Once again we struggled with the livies but we got a few and headed off. We had a look at a few spots on the way but they didn’t look real flash on the sounder so we kept heading. We got to our Brisbane Ekka Wednesday Holiday spot from last yearContinue Reading

Jim booked this one in. Along with him was Les and Tony his mate rounded out the 4. We started in close at Caloundra. Les drew first blood with our first legal one. We got a few small ones as well on the plastics. We headed to the next reef and he got another legalContinue Reading

This was a mixed trip with George, Guy, Max and Lachlan. We started at 5am and headed straight to where I finished off a couple of days beforehand on the last full day trip. The fish were on straight away in the rough NW conditions. We kept dragging anchor on the gravel we were fishing.Continue Reading

Brett booked this one in and along with him was Jared and I had Toby and Bob making up the numbers. We left at 2pm with a northerly blowing. Should have done a full day today as the morning weather was great by all accounts. We headed straight to my snapper area. We sounded forContinue Reading