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AUTHOR: Robert Smith AREA: SEQ Offshore TITLE: Gamefishing Report SECTION: Gamefishing   Things are starting to happen in South East Queensland and we may not have to wait until November before the light tackle fish start arriving.  Already in August the first billfish of the year trophy has gone off for the Sunshine Coast andContinue Reading

With one of our club boats tagging 67 marlin at Fraser Island on the Tuesday/Wednesday/Thursday and with bad northerlies forecast at home but better the further north you went we decided on a quick hit and run to Hervey Bay in James’ boat.  Fishing Rooneys Point in the afternoon Dan Smith (no relation) hooked thisContinue Reading

Khali booked this in as they were coming down from Rocky to look at buying a car with her dad.  We headed back to Noosa as one of the game guys had found the bait again and tagged a marlin and was catching a few mack tuna.  We left in a stiff 15knot SE breezeContinue Reading

Straight to the parrot/hussar spot today and it didn’t dissappoint getting a good feed.  We had to sit through a lot of iodine bream and small stuff but we grafted away at them.  By then the northerly was up so it was an easy decision to head in.  Continue Reading

Today we went chasing the bait that the game boys found on the weekend off Noosa.  We sounded all of Chardons but only found a small bit in my old reliable spot at Chardons.  We fished it for a few baby red emporer and a lot of other small stuff.  Eventually we got a coupleContinue Reading

We went for a latish start today after the game tournament.  Damian was joined by his parents for this one.  We had a ripper the last year I had the Stabi bagging on soft plastics snapper on the old limit of 5 each but we had missed the snapper bite this year.  We had aContinue Reading

I fished this even on my mate Mick’s 23′ Striper.  The first day we headed to Double Island Pt looking for some warmer water after jigging some live bait.  On the way home we tried a couple of wrecks looking for the $1,000 snapper or some gamefish.  Mick came up with this jewie which unfortunatelyContinue Reading

Matt booked this one in and it was a mixed trip with Craig and his mate.  We started off jigging livies.  We go enough so headed wider.  We tried a couple of kingy/aj spots but did no good.  We came back into a third spot and didn’t fish it as the show was no good. Continue Reading

Rick booked this in along with his mate Nick.  Justin and his brother made up the four.  We headed out into a stiff northerly.  It was probably too rough to do any good but we went anyway.  We started off on the Gneerings but did no good and another boat was working one of theContinue Reading

Shane booked this one in with his son, dad and brother.  Once at the grounds his dad succombed to “mal de mere” and a short while later so did his brother.  The fishing was not red hot with lots of small ones so we headed in early for the guys with the sea sickness.Continue Reading