19/12/2012 – 3/4 Day With Smithys Fishing Out Of Mooloolaba

Andrew and crew were on this one with some visiting Canadians. We started off going for wahoo but they weren’t on so back to where we found the marlin last trip. Eventually we found some bait and birds and had a shot. A while later we found the motherload of bait and birds like on National Geographic and sure enough the marlin were with it. Today they wanted to hit the minnow for some reason. The first one got off boatside as I had the mainline tide straight to the wire leader and the next one we miraculously got. We missed a few on conventional baits before getting what I think was the first one for the season on a skirt in a mixed pattern. With another boat sharing the action it died off so we headed off to look for a wahoo. None wanted to play so we headed off.

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