19/9/2012 Half Day Afternoon With Rob

We headed out into a bit of a northerly. First stop was loaded with live bait and we filled the tank in about three drifts. Two lots of guys on the bait jig rods and a couple soft plasticing. A good snapper or grassy was lost on the soft plastic which was a surprise right in the middle of the day but with that much bait there some big fish had to be around it. I wouldn’t have been surprised if this was the spot someone got a marlin a couple of weekends prior seeing it had so much bait. We headed off trying all the cobia spots I knew but we only got a stingray to the boat and some big bustoffs and pulled hooks on the big structure. We came back in for an arov soft plastic session and once again the bait looked good but it didn’t happen other than for a few undersize fish.

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