20/8/12 3/4 Day Afternoon With Wazza With Smithys Fishing

We had to wait until my MSQ safety inspection was completed but once given the all clear and knowing my boat was 100% ship shape we set off. Livies came easily once again. Warren and Harpy trialled some new TT Lures prototypes while the rest of us filled the tank. We headed to a cobia spot. First drift and Jeff hooked up and we thought we were on here. It turned out to be a mack tuna and subsequent drifts were quiet. We headed to an aj/kingy spot but on the way passed another charter boat who had already been on it. They were spooked and we did no good. We went to another spot but another boat was already on this spot. We watched him get one kingfish but then neither of us got a bite for a while. We headed to another spot just as a trailerboat turned up on it. They got the better drift but then tangled up and drifted away. We got on the spot and Jeff hooked up. Lucky we bought him! This ended up being a good aj.
It was getting dark enough to try for a snapper so we headed to my snapper spot, got the anchor down and berleyed. It didn’t happen in the arvo and we had to wait until night. One just legal one came aboard so we upped anchor and tried a little bit furhter along the ledge even though we had wasted all that berley. It was an ok move with Jeff getting this 83 odd cm snapper.
It didn’t happen tonight but at least we didn’t miss out so we headed in.

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