30/11/2012 – 3/4 Day With Smithys Fishing Charters Out Of Mooloolaba

Sean had booked this one in. We headed where the boys had found the marlin at another spot and started trolling. Everyone else was live baiting but on our first pass trough the area we hooked three, jumping two off and busting anther one off. We joined the pack live baiting whilst everyone hooked them all around us.
No joy there so to another spot to try for wahoo. We got one here and shortly after had a marlin up for a few minutes that missed everything the bugger. With things looking down we had a reef fish but it wasn’t on either. We got a few parrot and a gold spot wrasse but one of the other charter boats was into the wahoo where we were so we went looking for him. We found him but by then the action was over. A tough, unlucky day allround that with a bit of luck our way could have been a cracker.

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