8/9/2012 Half Day Afternoon With Alicia With Smithys Fishing

Alicia and family had booked in for a full day but with the weather looking dodgey in the morning we opted for a late start to let it die down a bit. We headed out and it was still a bit joggly but started collecting live bait ok. We got a tank full and headed off to the cobia spot. Once there it wasn’t red hot but we had bites. Alicia’s mum in law was first to land one. Not long after her father in law missed one but then he came good and landed one as well. We gave it a while and re-anchored a few times the current and wind changed but it had gone quiet so we headed in to take in the afternoon snapper bite at Murphys. We got settled in burleying and floating baits back we only got one missed bite for the session. It just isn’t happening in close yet so far this season.

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