Full Day Afternoon With Rick Out of Mooloolaba With Smithys Fishing

Rick and Ross jumped at the chance early on to get in on this trip and making up the crew were Ryan and Mark. I had heard where some good live bait was so we headed there. It looked good enough on the sounder but we only jigged about half a dozen baits off it. We headed out anyway. First drift Ryan and Mark hooked up and landed a king and an AJ.

After that our live baits were exhausted so we came back in and settled in for the arvo snapper bite. It took a while to get going. Ryan struck first blood early on and it was his day.

Mark picked up a bonus cobia.

Right at dusk Rick pulled in a nice 84cm snapper taken on a soft plastic and 20lb line.

Ross came good getting a couple of nice size fish.

It was a blur after dark and they kept coming or we busted them off in the wire weed. By then it was time to pull anchor and come in.

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