Full Day With Smithys Fishing With Farmoz Out of Mooloolaba

Johnathon from Farmoz booked this one in for clients. We wanted to take in a dusk bite but we had to be back for State of Origin football. We started at 9am but the SWer was still up. We sat it out at the Gneerings for a good cod to Jono, a grassy and a heap of small stuff.

As the wind dropped we worked wider, settling on the anchor and berleying where I have been catching the snapper. We had a bit of a bite then it went quiet. By now the wind had dropped and we had moved off the mark. We re-anchored and got a bit of a dusk bite before we had to pull up the pick at sun-down at 5:15pm to get back in time. Soft plastics canned it today for some reason. Every day has been different.

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