Full Day With Smithys Fishing With Paul Out of Mooloolaba

Paul and Mark were back again along with Dan and Eric. Hopes were high for chasing kingies after jigging good bait and getting a few Sunday arvo. As it turned out the bait was hard to get and then when we got to the AJ/Kingy spot they didn’t want to chew either. We headed to anothe spot. First drop and Eric was hooked up. It was a nice King about 10kg. Mark hooked another at the end of this first drift. After this they went to ground. We stopped and dropped for the rest of the day trying to get a few fish here and there. We ended up on my parrot/hussar spot and got a few of these along with a nice gold spot wrasse for Paul and the usual suspects of just undersize red emperor, reticulated emperor, parrot and hussar.

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