Half Day Afternoon With Brett With Smithys Fishing Out Of Mooloolaba

Brett booked this one in and along with him was Jared and I had Toby and Bob making up the numbers. We left at 2pm with a northerly blowing. Should have done a full day today as the morning weather was great by all accounts. We headed straight to my snapper area. We sounded for a bit and found the best show then anchored. The current was racing from the north. Toby picked up a nice squire here and Bob pulled a few undersize pearlies. Getting the anchor up took ages as the anchor retrieval clip busted itself open. Eventually we got it and I jury rigged another system using parts off my drift parachute. We sounded my main area I have been getting the snapper the last few weeks and anchored on the best show. In the northerly current and northerly wind my anchor popped out and we started a slow drift which was a bit of a bugga. Eventually we hooked back up in an ok area. I hooked one on a soft plastic handing the rod off to Jared. Eventually Brett got his eye in and landed three in a row. By then they went off and it was time to head off knowing getting the anchor up might be a bit of a mission.

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