Half Day Morning With Scott With Smithys Fishing Out Of Mooloolaba

Scott and crew booked this one in to learn soft plastics. We got away early at 5am and were on the grounds in perfect time pre dawn. Things looked good with lots of bait on the sounder but the snapper didn’t play the game and I only jigged half a dozen livies off it. It must have been a moon phase thing or the wind. We gave it a fair while on the soft plastics and headed to the next reef out. This looked no good on the sounder so we kept going. At the Caloundra 12mile we anchored on a couple of likely shows with the result a good cobia to Scott, some pearlies, etc. Lots of throwbacks as well unfortunately. Unfortunately it is just not happening in close at the moment I can’t find them though reports from my contacts confirm the same.

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