QFM August 2007

Well not much to report this month as to be expected.  Everyone seems to go into hibernation over winter.  Most people seem to only go reef fishing instead of chasing billfish this time of year.  The gamefish will be out there somewhere, it will just be a case of finding them.  Getting out of South East Queensland and heading to places such as the top of Fraser Island or off 1770 may be the best chance of finding some winter billfish action.
The SunshineCoastis totally devoid of Billfish activity at the moment.  Captain Andrew Yeh aboard Outside Edge (www.outsideedge.com.au) has been plowing the paddock, both on charter and with David Granville’s (www.davidgranvillephotography.com)DeckySchool pupils aboard for one Sailfish I believe.  He has been finding some massive tiger sharks for his customers on shark charters on the shelf.  That is one form of fishing that would be worth a shot over the next couple of months.  Mako shark fishing has everything marlin fishing has, large, powerful fish that jump, with the added danger of handling them boatside.  There is one inshore spot on theSunshineCoast I know that mako sharks visit quite regularly, especially this time of year when the snapper are on.
On the Gold Coast Daniel Carlson who deckies for Matt Johnson’s Fish the Deep Charters on the Gold Coast (www.fishthedeep.com.au) reports seeing quite a few free swimming black marlin and striped marlin on charter. Most of the Gold Coast charter fleet report hooking the odd billfish in recent weeks yet no-one is specifically targeting them as far as I know.  Both major clubs, the Gold Coast Gamefish Club and the Sunshine Coast Gamefish Club put up trophies for the first billfish of the season yet at the time of writing no club members have submitted any captures for this trophy.
Most of the glamour Cairnscharterboats based on the Gold Coast are making the move north this month.  Captain Jim Dalling’s Reel Chase (www.reelchase.com) along with Tim Richardson’s Tradition (www.traditioncharters.com) have already shipped out and I guess similar boats like Viking II (www.australianmarlin.com), Kekoa (www.kekoa.com.au) and Shaka (www.shakamarlin.com) are on their way.
Time to give a plug to my new business, South Queensland Charter Services.  I have just bought a Stabicraft 609 Hard Top inQueensland2C survey and will be offering game/reef/sport/jigging and soft plastics trips between Bundaberg and the Gold Coast.  I will be centrally located on theSunshineCoastbut give me a ring on 0407 574 868 to customise a trip for you anywhere in this region.  My website is under construction but it will eventually be (www.sqcs.com.au) .  By the time you read this, I may have already finished my presentation at the Brisbane Boat Show Fishing Expo and if that is the case, I hope you enjoyed it.  If you are reading this before the Thursday of the show, make a point of coming up to the Fishing Expo area and saying hello.

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