Monthly Archives: September 2012

Cliff booked this in for his 16yo daughter Sarah. She got off to a good start first cast. That was about it. On the full moon it must have been a afternoon thing rather than a morning bite. We had a go for the mahi mahi again but missed a few little kingfish. We headedContinue Reading

Heino and the boys booked this one in a few weeks ago. We got to the parrot and hussar spot straight away but one of the boys went down with seasickness straight away. The iodine bream were out in force today. We got through them for a few moses perch and a reticulated emperor beforeContinue Reading

Rob was back again for his family trip. We started at 2pm to let the wind die down. He was back with his brothers and dad this time. We started off where I had been getting the mahi mahi. This time we got a few rat kingfish instead. One was only about 2cm undersize. EventuallyContinue Reading

This was a rebooking and we were originally going for an arvo trip when I had been into the snapper the couple of months previous but with northerlies forecast we had to start early but it didn’t suit so we went with a 7am start. We got to the spot but it was pretty lumpy.Continue Reading

Mick booked the boys in and this is their story on the Ausfish Fishing Forum. “Well what a day yesterday was headed out with Smithy on his charter boat for a half day’s fishing the conditons were a little bumpy but as we got wider the swell got smaller and conditions eased. We sounded aroundContinue Reading

Juanita booked this in for the boys. We started off where I had been soft plasticing to gather some live bait and one drift the boys had a double hookup of good squire on the soft plastics. With a tank of bait we headed off to chase the mahi mahi the gamefish boys had foundContinue Reading

Brendan tracked me down via Tackleworld Kawana to weigh this potential spearfishing record aj for him on the SCGFC club scales and gantry that are part of the pontoon where I depart from. It went 39.8kg and should have the record. Well done Brendan!Continue Reading

We loaded up the boat and headed to my new parrot and hussar mark. They didn’t dissappoint and we put quite a few fish on fast. After while we decided to hunt around for a snapper or a pearly. Once again the undersize pearlies were out in force and no snapper to be found. AllContinue Reading

Rob was back again on his week off from work. This time we started at 4:30am to get the dawn bite. We got a few squire but they were all undersize unfortunately. We jigged up some livies and tried for cobia. Once again they didn’t play the game. I don’t know what they are doingContinue Reading

We headed out into a bit of a northerly. First stop was loaded with live bait and we filled the tank in about three drifts. Two lots of guys on the bait jig rods and a couple soft plasticing. A good snapper or grassy was lost on the soft plastic which was a surprise rightContinue Reading