9/02/2013 – Sunshine Coast Game Tournament

The first day we were in the area where most of the fish were caught but we couldn’t find them with only wahoo bite. The other boats hadn’t found them by that stage either so we went heavy tackle. In the first half hour we had a shot here as well but it proved to be something with teeth and not a marlin checking the lure at the end of the day.
Day two we tried a different area. The bait looked good but the conditions were atrocious. We got called to another area by the Spot On boys and as we came together they hooked a marlin. The bait got better and better and after getting their fish they called us over to another bait ball where we hooked up just off it. We got this for one of the sponsors I had aboard and then right on cease fishing we hooked up again. Boof got his 2nd for the day. The winning boat got 15 this day where we had been on the Friday!


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